We've been working with Aegina Press since the spring of 1996, when they gave us our first assignment, HEROES AND OTHER FOLKS, by Jim Joseph. Since that time, we've done well over 15 covers for them. Below, you'll see a variety of those covers from the black and white art, to the finished product. Some of the covers were a snap to do, while others made us want to pull out our hair. But overall, the results have been great.

Heroes and Other Folks
The Venusian Conundrum

The Merlin and the Red Lords

These covers are done in black and white, and color is indicated with separate ruby-lithe overlays. Most covers employ two colors, including black, but we are allowed to use screens of a color to get a third color without actually using one. Some people may see this as a limitation, but we see it as a challenge.

Time and Chance

The Color of Skin
Spirit Matters

All characters and stories are TM & © Copyright 1998 Aegina Press, Inc., all illustrations TM & © Copyright 1998 Aegina Press, Inc.