Our current claim to fame is doing the artwork for Knights of the Dinner Table: Illustrated (K.ILL). It’s a spin-off title from Kenzer and Company’s Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine (KoDT) and brings to life the adventures of Bob Herzog (Knuckles), Dave Bozwell (El Ravager), Sara Felton (Zayre) and Brian Van Hoose’s (Teflon Billy) role-playing characters from B.A. Felton’s HackMaster campaign world.

The stories we work on aren’t direct re-creations of the classic KoDT strips, but are actually more in depth with more involved stories. You’ll discover what happened before, between, and after the classic strips and see what many of the people and places of Garweeze World look like.

This series has been a lot of fun for us. We started on issue four, taking over for previous artist Aaron Williams, and have been going strong ever since. We really enjoy developing the characters and drawing their wacky adventures.

One of the best parts about working on K.ILL is being able to increase our skills coloring the series with Adobe Photoshop. We’ve come to rely heavily on all the tools and filters Photoshop provides to help us give this book that extra special something that we haven’t been able to do before.

We would just like to conclude with a big “Thanks for everything!” to the whole Kenzer and Company crew. They really take good care of us and always treat us better than expected. Thanks, guys.

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“We are very pleased to have chosen the Fraim brothers to provide their magnificent art for both the covers and interiors for our Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated comic. We've found that their clean style is just the right formula that we wanted to bring the title into the future. The Fraim brothers are fantastic artists who we knew could draw the stories in just the right way. In fact, since we've begun working with them, they literally have us laughing out loud when we review their submissions. And that's just what we want for a humor title like Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated.

They've also proven very easy to work with. So much so, that we now have them illustrating many of the monsters for our HackMaster RPG Hacklopedia of Beasts products. Good job guys!”

Brian Jelke, Vice President of Kenzer & Company.

“Your art in K.ILL is just getting better and better. Your capture of the character likenesses in Muskegee was awesome.”

David S. Kenzer, President of Kenzer & Co.

"Hey, these guys are great! Their work actually makes the KODT-team laugh out loud. After ten years of writing KODT, that ain't easy to do..."

Bob Burke, Art Director Kenzer & Co.

(above) Here is a sneak peek at the new costume designs we created for the characters.

(below) click through to see some of the KODT/travelers crossover.


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