MACHINE is a production company out of Philadelphia that does a little bit of everything: graphic design, corporate identity, video productions, etc. We have done several storyboard projects for them, most of which have been for commercials. We’ve done commercials for the local television station KYW 3, local Ford dealerships, BankZip.com, among others. Below, you’ll see samples of commercials we’ve done for Boyd’s clothing store and for W-CAU Fox 29’s morning news program, Good Day Philadelphia.


Good Day Philadelphia:

Another project we’ve done for them is ACTIONFIGURE. This was a fun project where we had to draw “how to” style art for these adventure and escapist scenarios. We’ve done several different action techniques, samples of which you can see below. If you’d like to see all of the ACTIONFIGURE work we’ve done, fully animated using Macromedia Flash, then go to www.actionfigure.tv and click on the Training Manuals.