The waiting place was the first major project we did in the comic book field and it was a phenomenal experience.

You will find a lot in the waiting place: courage, heart and sincerity; humor and hardship; anxiety, and yes, even a little action. It's a story about people dealing with their surroundings (while trying hard not to); of people spinning their wheels in desperation (and winding up in reverse); and of people searching for themselves (but afraid of what they will find). Although bittersweet in tone, you will still find a home for lightheartedness and an undying lust for life.

The Waiting Place

Here's some random images and critic's quotes from the waiting place to give you a feel for the comic.

"...clear, precise art underlines the uniformity of the high-school experience. Excellent..."
Tom Lawton, Newbury Comics
CBG Publisher's Picks, March 14, 1997

"The Fraims have a knack for bringing even background characters to life with their clean, sharp art... Grade A."
S.A. Bennett, Dark Star Books and Comics
CBG Publisher's Picks, March 14, 1997

"(the waiting place) is just as attractive to look at as it is intriguing to read; Brian and Brendon Fraim have a refreshing, clean-line style that accents the strong scripting."
Cliff Biggers, Dr. No's Comics
CBG Publisher's Picks, March 14, 1997

"Part of the formula for the waiting place's success is the realistic artwork of Brendon and Brian Fraim, who seem as comfortable illustrating people in a real-world setting as most artists are with superheroes in cosmic battles."
Cliff Biggers
Comic Shop News #510, April 2, 1997

The Waiting Place

All characters and stories are TM & © Copyright 1997 Sean Kelley McKeever, all illustrations TM & © Copyright 1997 - 1998 Brendon and Brian Fraim.